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MONSTAR Franchisees benefit from industry growth

  • Aftermarket Industry

    The Automotive Aftermarket is projected at $381 billion, with parts and accessories. This market serviced approximately 279 million vehicles in 2017 and is projected to reach $421 billion in 2020.

  • Over 260 Million Cars on American Roadways

    According to IBISWorld's "Auto Mechanics in the US" market research report, the auto repair industry generates an estimated $63 billion in annual sales.

  • Over $40 Billion Annually

    Is the dollar value from parts and accessories in the automotive aftermarket. According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in 2017.

Franchise FAQ

Do I have to have prior automotive experience to own a MONSTAR?

No. What we look for in a potential franchisee is someone with business management experience. Automotive knowledge or a passion for cars and trucks is a plus, but definitely not a requirement. We will provide you with the guidance and training to put you on the path of success!

How much Cash is Required to open a MONSTAR?

Between $50,000 - $100,000 USD

Why choose an Automotive Repair Franchise?

The Auto Repair industry has proven over and over again to be a recession proof type business. People these days are keeping their vehicles longer, which means they will need more maintenance and repair services.

What are some main reasons to consider an Auto Repair business over a Food or Fitness Franchise?

There are a large number of reasons, here are a few.

1) The average ticket price. In comparison to a restaurant where a meal can range anywhere from $5 -$50 or a Fitness membership typically $10 -$20/month. A single transmission repair averages about $2,500, not to mention ongoing service and maintenance plans. Higher ticket prices with great margins = more profits.

2) Inventory in a Food based business tend to have "expiration dates" which means whether you sell enough of your product or not, that money is going to waste. With the MONSTAR Automotive Center, your auto parts and inventory won't spoil on the shelf!

3) Overhead Costs such as a real estate lease, utilities, phone/internet service are typically about the same. Square footage of these 3 categories can range anywhere from 1,500 -10,000 sqft and when you consider the average revenue needed to just pay your overhead, selling a $1,500 auto repair sounds much better than a $15 meal.

How many employees are needed to operate a MONSTAR Auto Repair Center?

Great question, starting out and depending upon the size of your facility, typically 3-5 employees are sufficient.

Do I have to hire a Transmission Builder?

Although it's nice to have a full time transmission builder on-site, it is NOT required. MONSTAR has partnered with numerous transmission remanufactures that can provide you with ready built automatic and manual transmissions. Delivered direct to your facility!

Why MONSTAR over the other guys?

There hasn't been a new transmission & auto repair franchise in roughly 30 years! MONSTAR is bringing a fresh new energy to this space, with everything from our IT Systems, to Equipment, Training, Marketing, and more. Putting you miles ahead of the competition. Our long standing relationships with nearly every Automotive TV Show and countless Celebrities are promoting your new brand to millions. Our fully stocked and efficient supply chain will also get you the parts you need at extremely competitive prices.

Fore more details on what makes MONSTAR a cut above the rest, call 888-628-9817.

"Go Far with MONSTAR"

Our most popular transmission brand (Monster Transmission) is globally recognized and a 5 Time Honoree of INC Magazine's prestigious INC 5000 Award. Listed as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States! THEY ARE THE ONLY Transmission company in the world that has achieved this. 

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